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Joy Foundation: Launch of Eden Project 2023

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Groundbreaking ceremony of Eden Project, in Thoeng, near Chiangrai was on 17 Jan 2023:

We are pleased that the community leaders and volunteers have turned up to support us. We will endeavour to have clean water and sustainable development for the villagers and surrounding communities.

Community organising and development: everybody had fun and learned together

Children's educational programmes: the children were amazing!

Digging for well water and building the filtration plant.

The ground breaking and launch date was 17 Jan 2023

The team on Eden Project

Joy Foundation, sponsored by Good Harvest International, provides educational and social services, poverty alleviation programs such as water and health intervention, micro-enterprise development, as well as agricultural and community organization projects.

The Foundation has employed a local project manager and have lined up volunteers to mount various projects. The Joy Foundation Centre will have a water tower, training and experimental farming stations, sustainable agri-projects, and volunteer development facilities. Besides land cost, the expected building, furnishing, and program cost is expected to be more than S$200,000 for the year 2023-2024. Please give generously from the heart and see that the harvest is plenteous and volunteer your services and time for the various projects.

You may direct your contributions to Good Harvest International Co, Bangkok Bank Public Co Ltd, Chiang Rai Branch, Account Number 2625326166 and state that it’s for Joy Foundation Projects and inform us accordingly so that a receipt can be given:

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