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CXI Launched International Scholarship and Mercy Relief Fund

Goals and Objectives of CXI and ISMRF

A key goal of CXI is too establish goodwill between people of different nations and cultures through practical assistance to enhance the wellbeing of all.
Over the years, CXI has responded in providing financial and social support to poor international students and new immigrants through her friends and members. CXI has also and intends to continue providing international relief to those from different nations affected by floods, earthquakes and other disasters. The Fund will formalize the process of grants and scholarships 

Specifically, CXI through her members have supported students from the hill tribes in Thailand to study in the city and continue their education at the local universities. We have also supported poor students in practical provisions of housing, meals and grants while they are in Singapore. Students from China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines have benefited from CXI contacts and connections, building strong international relationships.
International relief efforts thus far have been ad hoc in meeting needs of villagers and those who have suffered loss through floods, earthquakes, and other disasters like in the Philippines, India, Nepal and Indonesia. We have also assisted in providing food, masks and supplies to those affected by the Covid-19 lockdown in various countries.


Administration and Application of the Fund

Application for the International scholarship and mercy relief funding should be made in a clear and concise letter to the President, CXI,(  stating the need, the duration of support and the intended outcome. The recommendation for decision will be made by the President and Treasurer and ratified by the CXI Council. The treasurer of CXI is tasked with tracking the support and funding providing an annual account and audit of the ISMRF Fund.

A brief report and pictorial update is required of the grantee, within a year of the administration of the ISMRF fund.



CXI is a charity under Registrar of Societies in Singapore but is not an IPC tax exempt entity. The financial accounts of CXI, with UEN T12SS0061C, is subject to ROS annual reports and audits.

Donations to the ISMRF may be made through Interbank Transfer to UOB Account Number:  375-303-661-8.

For International Transfer UOB SWIFT Code: UOVBSGSG

Cheques should be made out to:  CONNEXIONS INTERNATIONAL, 5B Muswell Hill, Singapore 358431

Payment to CXI available via Paynow: UEN T12SS0061C

Download PDF Copy of ISMRF


Bung and Pat received scholarships to study at the local universities. Pat is studying n Bangkok to be a teacher.


Online Auction for ISMRF Fund Raising

Mdm Leong has kindly donated 3 of her paintings, that she has painstakingly colored, to CXI. Her paintings have been exhibited at the local community center and she was featured in the newspaper as well as television. 

A school had used her story as comprehnsion cloze. Her family, who gave the 3 paintings to CXI, for our fundraising effort, is rightly proud of her achievements. 

Watch the video below for how Mdm Leong meticulously coloured each of the paintings. 

Admire the 3 paintings: 

1. Exotic Multicoloured Peacock

2. Creative Extraordinary Tree

3. Colourful Radiant Platter

Do make a bid in the online auction:

or just make a donation to CXI.

Mdm Leong's painting exhibited at CC.jpg
Painting News.jpeg
Painting 1.jpeg

1. Exotic Multi-coloured Peacock 

Painting 2.jpeg

2. Creative Extraordinary Tree

Painting 3.jpeg

3. Colourful Radiant Platter 

Mdm Leong colourist extraordinaire in action

CXI Pay Now QR Code.JPG

Donate to CXI using Interbank Transfer to

UOB Account Number: 



Cheques should be made out to:  


Mailing Address:

5B Muswell Hill, Singapore 358431

Payment to CXI via PayNow:

UEN T12SS0061C

Present the paintings to encourage seniors to do creative artwork. Mdm Leong inspires all of us to be active agers, both young and old.

Make a bid in the online auction:

or just make a donation to CXI.

Friends of CXI

ConneXions International is a non-profit organization committed to helping international students, scholars and new immigrants adjust and integrate in Singapore. 

A Friends of CXI Scheme is launched to rally support and contribution. Friends lend their support for the mission and goals of CXI. Activities of Connexions International are funded via sponsorships and fund-raising. Anyone can join as a Friend of CXI. 

Volunteers and supporters of CXI are all welcome to join in. 

As a Friend of CXI you will receive:

  • Access to sharing, learning and cooperative friends network

  • Access to publications and publicity of CXI

  • Opportunity to create and/or participate in CXI programmes and activities


Friends Scheme: (please check one)

  1. Ordinary Friend:   $10 for students, $20 for adults 

  2. Silver Friend: $100

  3. Gold Friend: $200

  4. Platinum Friend: $500 and above.

Interbank Transfer to UOB Account Number: 



Cheques should be made out to:  


Mailing Address:

5B Muswell Hill, Singapore 358431

Payment to CXI via PayNow:

UEN T12SS0061C

Volunteer with ConneXions International


Be a volunteer by sharing your gifts and talents with ConneXions International. Help serve the international student and the scholar community in Singapore and beyond. We are recruiting volunteers in the following capacities: teachers, tutors, conversation partners, tour guides and food preparers.

If you would like to know the satisfaction of making a positive difference in the lives of foreign students and scholars, please contact us. Let us know the capacity in which you would like to volunteer and we will connect you with the opportunity. It’s a chance to bridge cultures, make new friends and have a rewarding experience!

Arriving in a new country can be difficult and sometimes even frightening. Thanks for being there to help.


Sign Up To Be A Volunteer Now!

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