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Joy Foundation

Joy Foundation Mission

​​Poverty alleviation and sustainable agriculture can be partners in development and provide strategies for clean water and healthy food to people regardless of race and religion.  

​​The Christian Foundation reaches out to poor communities in Thailand, S.E. Asia and around the world to increase the quality of life and restore good and healthy living. The key lies in sustainable agriculture and social and community development.

To ensure the protection of people and the environment the Foundation will invest and distribute capital, land and resources for the benefit of society and especially for the poor.

​​​​Joy Foundation seeks to be relevant to the local community in providing community support, as well as social and community services and development, wherever appropriate.

Non Somboon Village

Joy Foundation has adopted the village of Noan Somboon, in Ampur Thoeng, Chiang Rai, Thailand. The village has more than 400 people, mainly Isan in origin, living near Mae Loi and Mae Ing whose primary livelihood are agriculture based.

Joy Foundation and Thammasat University successfully launched a community survey and two demonstration projects at Noan Somboon Village in August, and in October 2022.

Community Survey Results:
1. Primary Occupations are farmers (83%) and small businesses

2. Average monthly household income, below 15000 baht 66%; between 15-25,000 baht 24%

3. Debts: 82% of households have more than 50,000 baht or more of debt incurred

4. Reported special needs of the community: Income and occupation related (89%); social services (53%) and education (50%)

 Special Community Needs


Key findings from Focus Group Interviews @ NSB

  1. This is a close-knit community with strong cultural heritage

  2. Villagers work hard but has high debt – thus in need different sources of income

  3. Need clean water – develop community resources and water treatment

  4. Need development of agriculture, capacity for drying grains, silos and storage

  5. Development of home industries and other micro-enterprises welcomed: eg. silk worms, mat weaving, honey


Key Projects of Joy Foundation @ NSB

1. Clean Water project

2. Income Generation Programs

3. Children Education

4. Elderly Programs


IImplementation of Potential Projects in Non Somboon, 2022-2025

  1. Launch a Community Service Center

  2. Develop children and elderly programs

  3. Start an organic farming training center and develop other sources of income

  4. Develop sustainable clean water project



Professor Ngoh Tiong Tan, Director, Joy Foundation. ; or What’s app (65) 85228831

Ajarn Karuna Jaisai, Lecturer of Social Work, Thammassat University, Lampang Campus

Joy Foundation Storehouse

Joy Foundation has a number of products which you can order online:

Organic Food products

Farming material and equipment


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