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CXI Missions

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The mission of ConneXions International (CXI) is to assist students/scholars and new residents, build relationships with internationals through cultural orientation, exchanges and assistance, language classes and other special activities. The goal is to establish goodwill between people of different nationalities. 


Working with universities, schools, religious and voluntary organizations, CXI seeks to develop friendship and assist students/scholars going overseas to study as well as international students, visitors and new immigrants coming into the country, in practical ways.


CXI Objectives


1. To provide cultural orientation, international exchanges and assistance, life-long friendship and understanding across cultures. 

2. To provide the best language education and cultural programmes to international students, scholars, visitors and new immigrants and their families. 

3. To meet the practical needs of internationals and new immigrants - students, workers and scholars while they are in another country so that they might be better equipped to serve the needs of their fellows in both the host and home countries. 

4. To establish goodwill between people of different nations through practical assistance in times of need. 


To further the above objects, CXI is dedicated to creating warm, lasting friendships between people or students going overseas from Singapore as well as other internationals, visitors, new residents and their families coming into Singapore. The purpose of the cross-cultural exchanges and assistance as well as various programs is to promote peace and friendship.

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