Children’s English Camp and Agricultural Support at Noan Som Boon Village in Chiang Rai

Updated: Nov 12

     From October 21-24, CXI members and volunteers had the golden opportunity to collaborate with Joy Foundation.  This foundation was set up to provide social and community services and development in Thailand, S.E. Asia and around the world.

     33 children from Noan Som Boon Village with ages ranging from 4-16 years learnt English in fun, engaging and interactive ways. CXI members Faith, Julia, Audrey and Jane, together with Thammasat University interns Justin Hogenauer and Sabrina Strong gave of their best in preparing the programme, games and snacks and guiding the children in language skills. By means of a huge colourful parachute, the children learnt English verbs and vocabulary of shapes, colours and numbers effectively. The younger children also learnt English through singing and action songs, and made cute craftwork to exercise their creativity. The older children and teens practised speaking, role-play, reading and writing. Best of all were the fun and challenging station games which included Charades, Human Knot and eating a cookie on their forehead without hands!

     At the same time, to help implement sustainable agriculture and increase the financial wealth of the villagers, 100 cacao saplings and another 100 Robusta coffee saplings were sponsored by Joy Foundation. Its Advisor, Mrs Esther Wimlock, Thailand’s leading expert on organic farming, taught the villagers on the growth and care of the cacao and coffee saplings. CXI President Professor Tan Ngoh Tiong, together with Ms Esther Wimlock, planted the first few saplings with the Village Head Mr Chai.

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