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CXI Forum 2021: Enhancing Cross Cultural Relationships

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Special speakers shared on how they strengthen cross cultural friendships and practical ways of enhancing the relationships.

Speakers and Performers:

Kim Friesen, President, and Kathleen Macosko, CXI, USA

Xiang Rong, Professor, Yunnan University

Speaker/Performers: Jeremy Wong and Chen Qu.

“Jeremy Wong believes that Western classical music greatly

benefits from cultural diversity. It can even be a condition for its renewal. Musicians from elsewhere always bring in different energy due to their background, education and mentality, … a two-way mirror that helps you see your own doing in a different light.”

Opening Song:

Jeremy Tan on "You are more than the color of your skin"

Cross Cultural Intelligence - Introduction to Forum by CXI President, Prof Tan Ngoh Tiong

Guest of Honour: Pastor Kathleen MacosKo, USA

Performance and Presentation by Mr Jeremy Wong and Ms Chen Qu from Finland, Singapore and China. Jeremy will introduce the subject of Cross Cultural Enrichment through music.

Jeremy and Chen Qu on a special rendition of: Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon 彩云追月

Bridging Cultural Differences by Prof Xiang Rong, Professor Yunnan University China.

Building Cross Cultural Relationship: Welcoming International Students by Ms Kim Vu Friesen, President CXI, USA

Group Pictures at Discussion and AGM 2021

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