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Welcome to CXI

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Connexions International: 
Building international relationships

CXI Annual Forum 2022

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Theme: "Is there a Global Food Crisis: Food Sovereignty and Sustainability"
Sat 30 July, 3-5pm, at 50 Playfair Rd #06-04, Singapore 367995
The Annual CXI Forum will feature the quest towards food sovereignty and sustainability with our special guests and performers
Guest of Honour: HE Sagi Karni, Israeli Ambassador to Singapore.
Presentations: Video by Netatech, Good Harvest International and Mr Martin Yi, Singapore Food Agency
Special Performers: Brass Quintet, NAFA
Please sign up asap at:

Also Live on Zoom,
Topic: CXI Events Annual Forum and AGM 2022
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Connexions International          Awarded National Integration Council award.


Pages from book on Notes on Gratitude Launched by Minister Grace Fu at NIC Seminar 2019

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Open Letter from Global Institute of Social Work and Social Work Across Borders to the United Nations Regarding Afghanistan

President UN Security Council, Head UNAMA

"In view of the current and unfolding situation in Afghanistan, we with like-minded international organisations, advocate that the UN Security Council urgently send representatives for an UN stabilization force to maintain safety and establish an open border for humanitarian aid personnel and social workers to be allowed to enter and leave the country at will, so as to facilitate relief work and safe passage for the workers."

CXI joins with GISW, IASSW, ICSW and others in supporting UN Secretary General's call: for the UN Security Council to: “stand as one, and ensure that human rights are upheld, humanitarian aid continues,” in Afghanistan.

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